The British Surrogacy Centre was the FIRST agency in Europe.

We have worked with more surrogates and intended parents than ANY other agency in Europe.
Our team includes the world’s foremost surrogacy experts, who are proud to work for the leading surrogacy centre. We are here for you on every step of your journey, start today by emailing us or using the live chat link below.

The BSC is the world’s leading Surrogacy Agency
& Egg Donor Centre.

surrogacy-check-markEurope’s first surrogacy agency and the only truly international agency in the world, managing surrogates and egg donor cases in countries around the world!

surrogacy-check-markAlways the first to lead the way with over 300 babies and more on the way!

surrogacy-check-markThe biggest egg donor data base in the world! Our donors are located around the world and will travel to your location for the egg retrieval.

worlds leading surrogacy agency

Eggs frozen for over 10 years produced twins thanks to BSC.

All of these couples have been matched with surrogates in the USA, but we have of course been able to advise intended parents and surrogates based in the UK on their journeys also. If you are based in the UK and are thinking about a UK surrogate, please do get in contact and see what it is we can do for you. We are equally happy to provide our services to either gay or heterosexual couples

We are also extremely pleased with our results working with HIV+ clients. We are happy to announce that the BSC has been working with the HIV+ community for several years and has built links with clinics to ensure HIV+ men may now have a biological child of their own, without transferring the HIV virus to either the child or surrogate mother. This service is open to both the gay and heterosexual community.

Please note, currently we do not have a waiting list for surrogate mothers. We have a current list of surrogates who are screened and ready to start the process right away, both in the USA and UK. We do NOT work with Surrogates in India. We have access to over 500 egg donors through partner agencies in the USA and UK

BSC takes the surrogacy laws of each country seriously.

This web site holds information on surrogacy and egg donation that might be illegal in your country. The British Surrogacy Centre of California is Company registered in the State of California where surrogacy and egg donation on a commercial basis is legal. If you are viewing the content of this site in a country where surrogacy is illegal or where commercial surrogacy is illegal then we advise you to leave the site or at the least be aware of the law in your own country.

It is not against the law in the USA for nationals of another country to go there and have a surrogate mother have a baby for them. It could be against the law for you to go to certain other countries if you are not a national of that country to utilise surrogacy services.

We do NOT advertise for surrogates or egg donors in Europe, surrogates and egg donors make contact with us on a daily basis asking us for information on where to find possible intended parents. We hold a vast database of woman across the USA who have already registered with us as potential egg donors

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We are a global company. Our representatives can meet with you in many countries around the world, including the UK, USA, France and Spain. All dedicated to building families of the future and giving opportunities for couples with fertility issues to have a family of their own.
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We are a boutique-style surrogacy UK centre and are very selective with whom we work.

Unlike other agencies, it is the welfare of the child born through a surrogacy arrangement rather than the desires of the intended parent that is paramount to the company ethos: over the past 16 years, we have helped hundreds of couples and singles with surrogates, both traditional and gestational, and with egg donors, producing hundreds of babies. In the past 12 months alone, from the 275 applications from prospective intended parents, as a leading reputable surrogacy agency we chose to work with only 63.

It is important to know from the start that we will not work with every applicant that comes to us asking for help to become a parent. But is is also important to know that we never fail, we ALWAYS complete our families and if we work with you, you will have your baby.

The normal process takes around 18 months from start to finish. And that can be longer depending on how fast or slow you want to go. Some of our clients choose to do their journey in stages, finding an egg donor first from the VIP list can cost several thousands of dollars. So some IPs decide to find the donor they really want, fertilize the eggs and create their embryos, freeze them and use them months or years later when they are ready.